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Scientific communications consultant in the Nordics

Welcome to my portfolio website where I have some writing samples and explain what I do as a life science communications consultant. My name is Avi Saha and I am passionate about new technologies in scientific/medical research and product development. Using my marketing expertise I create content and communication strategies that get results.
As a consultant, I may just do the writing, but I may also do the ideation and strategizing. With 7 years of experience, I bring is industry knowledge, native US Englishand learnings from a wide variety of projects to quickly scale-up content marketing efforts.
In my free time, if I have any after my kids are done harassing me, I'm likely sipping a kapuziner while contemplating my failed athletic life.

+46 76 624 28 99
+1 617 398 7939 


What I can do for you

Product & Marketing Communications

Build a library of digital assets for your products. Simplify the technical, so your readers understand the unique value propositions of your tech. I help create:

  • Whitepapers and ebooks: Including leading the design of graphic elements and document structure. 

  • SEO-optimized blog articles: Improve organic traffic to your website and thought-leadership.

  • Application notes: Strategically position your product's technical prowess.

  • Case studies: Explain the data and show your work.

  • Guides and fact-sheets: Short and to-the-point content.

  • LinkedIn posts: regular batches of posts to build awareness

Scientific and Medical Communications

Clear and compliant presentation of key data. 

  • Abstracts and posters: Ensure all materials are clear, consistent, and adhere to regulatory guidelines and GPP3. 

  • Manuscript writing: Summarize existing evidence, threading the data into a compelling narrative. I can also copyedit and help you respond to reviewer comments.

  • Therapeutic area knowledge: Maintain and improve upon understanding of disease state and treatment.

Technical Writing

I've written over a hundred standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions (WIs), and user manuals for big pharma companies like Amgen and Regeneron. 

Using plain language and information mapping techniques, while understanding the technicalities of your product, allow me to create technical documentation that improves understanding of processes at your organization.

I can help you with writing these documents:

  • User manuals: Write clear instructions for the correct operation of your product.

  • SOPs and WIs: Write and harmonize SOPs and work instructions across your organization.

Who I've served 


A short collection of scientific writing samples. Examples of in-depth assets like white papers and ebooks available upon request. 

Living Medicine: The Story of CAR T Cell Therapy

The advent of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies follows a decades-long quest to personalise the treatment of disease. This article highlights the early research that paved the . . . 

copywriting and Digital Media

LinkedIn Post for a CDMO

It takes 10 years and over $1 billion to develop a single drug. Quality issues in unsuccessful IND submissions delay drug development by . . .

Scientific Article

Magazine Article on Bladder Cancer

For some patients treated with NAC and radical cystectomy (RC) residual cancer remains. The use of chemoimmunotherapeutic agents, known . . .


Avi supported us on several client projects developing medical study materials for clinical trials. These included creating patient- and physician-facing recruitment and retention materials, such as visit guides, posters, brochures, and letters. This required reading and comprehending clinical trial protocols, and adapting them into accessible and concise study materials. As a freelancer, Avi was always quick to respond and consistently met deadlines. He also supported our team when I was out of office, working with and directly reporting to project managers. He is a pleasure to work with and we would be happy to continue our freelance working relationship as his schedule allows.

Senior Medical Writer, Clinical Trials, Clariness GmbH

About me and my work

As a communications and marketing professional I am a chameleon, a bridge, and a generalist. Like a chameleon, I absorb information around me and adapt to the circumstances to produce a highly specific and context-dependent outcome. As a bridge, I transport different ideas back and forth before putting them together into a cohesive argument.

As a generalist, I do a bit of everything, from copywriting and editing, scientific writing, image generation, project management, public affairs, editing, and omnichannel marketing. These are the competencies I've needed to develop to do my work over the past 7 years as a professional writer.

The most typical challenge I overcome is writing about something new, the most fundamental skill expected for a communications professional or journalist. As a result, I have to acquire information quickly and understand it contextually, quickly familiarizing myself with subjects important to the biopharma industry, such as cGMP manufacturing, bioprocessing, pharma regulations, clinical trial design, or cell and gene therapy engineering. 

But that's the easiest part of my job. The hardest part is stakeholder management. I connect departments and gather diverse insights and as a team, push towards the finish line, i.e., publication. Too many projects fail to make it that far, and my job is to help teams execute and reap the rewards good communications can bring. 

I have a BSc in kinesiology and neuroscience from the University of Maryland, College Park and the equivalent of an MSc in integrative medicine research from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I am a a certified Information Mapping Professional, a method used in technical documentation.

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My consultancy is a registered business that is tax certified by the Swedish Tax Authority and is additionally protected by business liability insurance. With a client-first mindset, my promise is to deliver work of the highest quality in a timely manner and establish long-term relationships with all I work with. 

Member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)

Certified Information Mapping Professional (IMP)